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Welcome to LonDIS

Subscribers of LonDIS regional drug information services at London Heath Sciences Centre (LHSC)
can administer their accounts, make payments, view payments and update information about their

This site is for health care professionals only, and subscribers of LonDIS, and not intended for the general
public. If you are a patient and need information on your health or medications, please contact your
physician or pharmacist.

Our Staff

The pharmacists at LonDIS are clinically trained and experienced in drug information retrieval. With broad backgrounds in community and hospital pharmacy practice, LonDIS staff guide and support health care professionals in making clinical decisions about patient care.

Contact Us

Phone 519-663-3172
Toll free for subscribers 1-800-363-8434
Website support 519-685-8500 ext. 32619
Subscriptions 519-685-8500 ext. 32619
Fax 519-663-2968
E-mail londis@lhsc.on.ca